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Kim Jang-Hoon

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Kim Jang-Hoon who participated in a 220 km ocean swim from the Korean peninsula to Dokdo Islands
Dokdo Islands where Kim Jang-Hoon completed a 220 km ocean swim

Kim Jang-Hoon is a popular Korean singer and an open water swimmer who was the captain of a non-stop ocean swim between the Korean Peninsula and Dodko Island. His team from the Korea National Sport University took 48 hours 30 minutes to complete the swim on 14 August 2012.

In words that rile the Japanese government, Kim said, "I will never make such a comment as 'Dokdo is our territory' when I arrive there. It's meaningless to do so because they are undeniably our territory."


Dokdo consists of 2 main islets and 90 islets, rocks and reefs in the surrounding area. A total of 37 of these islets are recognized as permanent land. The total area of the islets is about 187,450 square meters (46.32 acres), with their highest point at 169 metres (554 ft) on the West Islet. The West Islet is about 88,640 square meters (21.90 acres); the East Islet is about 73,300 square meters (18.1 acres). The West Islet consists of a single peak and features many caves along the coastline. The cliffs of the East Islet are about 10 to 20 meters (33 to 66 ft) high. There are two large caves giving access to the sea, as well as a crater. Dokdo is located 215 kilometers (116 nautical miles) from mainland Korea and 211 kilometers (114 nautical miles) from the main island of Japan (Honshu).

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