Kaulakahi Channel

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noun - The Kaulakahi Channel is a 17-mile (27.3 km) wide channel that separates the islands of Kauai and Niihau in the state of Hawaii. It is part of the Eight Seas.

Kaulakahi Channel Swimmers

The list of successful Kaulakahi Channel Swimmers who have successfully crossed this channel include:

8. 2012 - Bill Goding
7. 2012 - Tina Neill
6. 2012 - Forrest Nelson
5. 2010 - Quinn Carver
4. 2003 - Linda Kaiser, 1st Women
3. 2003 - Laurie Foster
2. 2003 - Mike Spalding
1. 2003 - Tom Robinson

On 8 August 2020, Stefan Reinke, Bill Goding, Lectie Altman, Marcus Guttmann, and Ryan Leong Guttmann finished a 27.3 km tandem crossing of the Kaulakahi Channel from Barking Sands Beach on Kauai to Ni'ihau in 11 hours 38 minutes while Dr. Steve Minaglia also completed a solo crossing on the same day.

Channels in the Hawaiian Islands

There are 9 main channels in the Hawaiian Islands that individuals attempt to swim: Auau Channel (or the Maui Channel), Kalohi Channel, Alalakeiki Channel, Pailolo Channel, Alenuihaha Channel, Kaulakahi Channel, Kealaikahiki Channel, Kaiwi Channel (or Moloka'i Channel) and the Kaieiewaho Channel.

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