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Jillian McDonald

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Jillian McDonald, whose father Hamish McDonald funded the Maritime Rescue institute, is going to swim 10k for the charity in Stonehaven on October 24th.


"A 10k swim is seen as a marathon of swimming so I thought this was a fitting challenge. I live in Marykirk which is too far so be a member of the crew, hence supporting them by trying to raise money. In the past I’ve been a member of the lifeboat crew and volunteer most years at the annual harbour festival. This year I thought I would set myself a personal challenge as well as raising money for Maritime Rescue institute (MRI). MRI service to Stonehaven is invaluable, providing 24 hour lifeboat cover 365 days of the year. They are independent all the crew are volunteers and are reliant on donations. Any donations no matter how big or small help, they have to cover the cost of fuel for the lifeboats, drysuits for the crew, mechanical spares, torches, medical equipment, it cost in excess of £1000 for the kit for one crewmember. Every rescue requires a minimum of three crew members."