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Jessica Reiter

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Jessica Reiter is a 21-year-old American student at University of California Davis and a pool and open water swimmer.

Academic Focus[edit]

Reiter is double majoring in International Relations and Political Science at UCD.

Coaching Career[edit]

At UC Davis, she assistant coaches Introduction to Open Water Swimming and has completed dozens of hours of coaching in the pool as well as the San Francisco Bay. There she also takes Aquatic Boot Camp, Water Polo, and Aerobic Swimming. She is presently working towards being licensed by the American Swim Coaches Association with the support of Water World Swim and training to become a Certified Open Water Swim Coach.

Open Water Swimming[edit]

Reiter competed in the 2-mile Alcatraz Classic for the Fastest race on 23 May 2015, the Tri California Alcatraz Challenge, Sharkfest Lake Tahoe, Sharkfest Golden Gate, and Water World Swim's Annual Golden Gate Swim as an assistant. She also completed an Alcatraz clinic in 2013.

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