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Jason Lezak

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Jason Lezak

Jason Edward Lezak (born 12 November 1975) is an American swimmer who is a four-time Olympic gold medalist. He also set long-course world records with his teammates in the 400m freestyle and medley relays, and is a former American record holder in the 100m freestyle.

International Swimming League[edit]

He serves as a General Manager of the Cali Condors in the new International Swimming League.


Olympic Games[edit]

  • Gold 2000 Sydney 4×100 m medley
  • Gold 2004 Athens 4×100 m medley
  • Gold 2008 Beijing 4×100 m freestyle
  • Gold 2008 Beijing 4×100 m medley
  • Silver 2000 Sydney 4×100 m freestyle
  • Silver 2012 London 4×100 m freestyle
  • Bronze 2004 Athens 4×100 m freestyle
  • Bronze 2008 Beijing 100 m freestyle

World Championships (LC)[edit]

  • Gold 2003 Barcelona 4×100 m medley
  • Gold 2005 Montreal 4×100 m freestyle
  • Gold 2005 Montreal 4×100 m medley
  • Gold 2007 Melbourne 4×100 m freestyle
  • Silver 2003 Barcelona 4×100 m freestyle
  • Bronze 2011 Shanghai 4×100 m freestyle

World Championships (SC)[edit]

  • Gold 2002 Moscow 4×100 m freestyle
  • Gold 2002 Moscow 4×100 m medley
  • Gold 2004 Indianapolis 100 m freestyle
  • Gold 2004 Indianapolis 4×100 m freestyle
  • Gold 2004 Indianapolis 4×100 m medley
  • Silver 2006 Shanghai 4×100 m medley
  • Bronze 2006 Shanghai 4×100 m freestyle

Pan Pacific Championships[edit]

  • Gold 2002 Yokohama 50 m freestyle
  • Gold 2002 Yokohama 4×100 m Medley
  • Gold 2006 Victoria 4×100 m freestyle
  • Gold 2006 Victoria 4×100 m medley
  • Gold 2010 Irvine 4×100 m freestyle
  • Silver 1999 Sydney 4×100 m freestyle
  • Silver 2006 Victoria 100 m freestyle
  • Silver 2002 Yokohama 4×100 m freestyle

Summer Universiade[edit]

  • Gold 1997 Catania 4×100 m freestyle

Maccabiah Games[edit]

  • Gold 2009 Israel 50 m freestyle
  • Gold 2009 Israel 100 m freestyle
  • Gold 2009 Israel 4×100 m freestyle
  • Gold 2009 Israel 4×100 m medley



Lezak currently has competed in 4 Olympic Games, in 2000 Sydney Olympics, 2004 Athens Olympics, 2008 Beijing Olympics, and 2012 London Olympics with a total of 8 Olympic medals, 2 bronze, 2 silver, and 4 gold.

2000 Olympics[edit]

Lezak earned his first long-course international swimming gold medal at the 2000 Olympics where he was part of the 4×100-meter medley relay. He also won a silver medal in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay.

2004 Olympics[edit]

He competed in several events at the 2004 Olympics and was a member of the 4×100-meter medley relay team that set a new world record at the games. He also won a bronze medal in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay and finished fifth in the 50-meter freestyle.

2008 Olympics[edit]

At the 2008 Olympics, Lezak was the oldest male on the U.S. swim team. He anchored the 4×100-meter freestyle relay team that won the gold medal and set a new world record. In the final 25 meters, Lezak overtook French team anchor Alain Bernard (the world record holder in the 100-meter freestyle going into the relay) to win gold despite Bernard having nearly a full body length's advantage when Lezak started his leg and half a body length with 25 meters from the end. Lezak split a 46.06, the fastest 100-meter freestyle split in history. The final time of the American team was 3:08:24, which was 3.99 seconds faster than the previous world record; the French team finished second at 3:08.32, eight one-hundredths (0.08) of a second behind—the closest finish in the event's history. This was a crucial race for Michael Phelps, because he needed it to complete the goal of winning eight gold medals in a single Olympic Games, breaking Mark Spitz's record of seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympic Games.

Lezak also earned his first individual Olympic medal, having tied for the bronze with César Cielo Filho in the 100-meter freestyle with a time of 47.67. He anchored the 4×100-meter medley relay to give U.S. team the title, which was also Phelps's record-setting eighth gold medal of the Beijing Games.

2012 Olympics[edit]

Lezak won a silver in the 4x100-meter freestyle relay in London.


International Swimming League[edit]

The International Swimming League (ISL) is a professional pool swimming league for elite swimmers founded by Konstantin Grigorishin. The ISL hosts a series of U.S. and European-based competitions that will culminate in a 2019 global championship at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

ISL Competition Characteristics[edit]

  • A team-based competition format where swimmers compete for team points
  • Financial incentives where each athlete signs two contracts: one with their team and another with the ISL that enables them two sources of revenue: one that runs through their teams and a separate one that comes directly from the league
  • Gender equality is guaranteed where 12 men and 12 women will represent each team
  • World’s best athletes will participate in the ISL including 75% of swimming's current Olympic champions and world record holders
  • Regular seasons with swim meets held around the global from October to December. In 2020, the season will be expanded.
  • Zero tolerance of doping is the rule as no athlete with a previous doping violation is allowed to compete and there is zero tolerance policy if doping is discovered

Konstantin Grigorishin on the ISL[edit]

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