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Japan Coast Guard

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Japan Coast Guard ship
Japan Coast Guard forces working with Japanese Self-Defense Forces

noun - The Japan Coast Guard (or JCG or 海上保安庁 in Japanese, formerly called the Maritime Safety Agency, is the Japanese coast guard that employs about 12,000 personnel under the oversight of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. It is responsible for the protection the coast lines of Japan. The Japan Coast Guard also oversees and approves crossings of the Tsugaru Channel by swimmers attempting crossings under the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association and Ocean-navi.

Duties of Japan Coast Guard

The duty of the JCG is to ensure security and safety at sea through the following services:

  • Maritime patrol – patrols Japan's territorial seas and Exclusive Economic Zone of (12–200 nautical miles out from the shore which is approximately 4,470,000 km2).
  • Countermeasures against Smuggling and Illegal Immigration
  • Countermeasures against Piracy (Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia-ReCAAP)
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Security against Maritime Conflict – includes the Special Guard Team
  • Surveillance of Illegal Operations by Foreign Fishing Vessels
  • Countermeasures against Suspicious Vessels and/or Spy Ships
  • Dealing with Unlawful Acts by Foreign Oceanographic Research Vessels
  • Patrolling and Guarding the Waters near the disputed Senkaku Islands, Takeshima, and the Northern Territories
  • Search and rescue
  • Hydrographic and oceanographic surveying
  • Maritime traffic management

The Japan Coast Guard Academy is a 4-year-training institution, located in Kure, Hiroshima prefecture, established within the Coast Guard for the purpose of training students to become officers. Graduates are given a bachelor's degree upon graduation. About 40 cadets graduate from the academy each year. The JCG also maintains two special forces units: the Special Security Team (SST) (特殊警備隊) and the Special Rescue Team (SRT) (特殊救難隊).


Founded in 1948 as the Maritime Safety Agency of Japan, its English name was changed to Japan Coast Guard in 2000. In 1950, the Maritime Safety Agency sent minesweepers to the Korean Peninsula under the United Nations flag during the Korea War.

Operational regions

Headquartered in Tokyo, the JCG has divided the nation into eleven regions to facilitate its coast guard operations. Each region maintains a Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, under which there are various Coast Guard Offices, Coast Guard Stations, Air Stations, Hydrographic Observatory, and Traffic Advisory Service Centers.

  • 1st Regional Coast Guard Headquarters: Otaru, Hokkaidō (claim to include southern Kuril islands but never ever dare conduct cruise operations under Soviet Union's/Russian presence)
  • 2nd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters: Shiogama, Miyagi
  • 3rd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters: Yokohama
  • 4th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters: Nagoya
  • 5th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters: Kobe
  • 6th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters: Hiroshima
  • 7th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters: Kitakyūshū
  • 8th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters: Maizuru, Kyoto
  • 9th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters: Niigata, Niigata
  • 10th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters: Kagoshima
  • 11th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters: Naha, Okinawa

Scope of Duties

  • Administration Department: Public relation, international relation, personnel management, budget, etc.
  • Equipment & Technology Department: Shipbuilding and construction of JCG's airplanes.
  • Guard & Rescue Department: Maintainance of public order, oil pollution response and Search and Rescue
  • Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department: Hydrographic surveys, oceanographic observation and provision of navigational charts, publications and information that required to ensure navigational safety.
  • Maritime Traffic Department: Implementation of navigation safety measures, and construction, maintenance and operation of Aids to Navigation.


海上保安庁(かいじょうほあんちょう、英語: Japan Coast Guard)は、日本の官公庁の一であり、国家行政組織法により海上において、人命・財産の保護、法律違反の予防・捜査・鎮圧を行うために国土交通省の外局として置かれた組織[1]。略称は海保(かいほ)、歴史的背景などから保安庁(ほあんちょう)、英語ロゴ標記の略称としてJCG[2]。

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