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Jamie Tout, creator of the DEFCON training program, after the 2015 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in New York
Across the Pacific, a 320-page book released in 2012 by Jamie Tout
James Tout is a nominee for the 2015 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year, an annual WOWSA Award and a recognition of outstanding men around the globe
James Tout in the Pacific Ocean after his Catalina Channel crossing performed four days before his achievement of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming with a lifetime best of 7 hours 31 minutes in the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in New York
Jamie Tout, Mark Spratt, Edie Markovich, Lauren Grous, Dr. Steven Minaglia, and Dan Worden huddle up during the 3-day, 3-stage swim 'Au I Na Mokupuni Ekolu Endurance Challenge Invitational where they swam the 14.9-km Kalohi Channel between Molokaʻi and Lānaʻi on 27 August 2021, the 14.1 km Auau Channel between Maui and Lānaʻi on 28 August 2021, and the 13.5 km Pailolo Channel between Maui and Molokaʻi on 29 August 2021 in the state of Hawaii

James Tout (born 25 May 1953) is a 70-year-old American endurance athlete specializing in triathlons, marathon runs and open water swims from Austin, Texas.

Open Water Swimming Career

Manhattan Island Marathon Swims

2015: Manhattan Island Marathon Swim 7 hours 31 minutes
2006: Manhattan Island Marathon Swim 9:23:22
2005 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim Halted-Lightning
2004 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim DNS
1998 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim 8:39:14
1997 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim 8:27:54
1996 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim 8:29:21
1995 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim 8:57:20
1994 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim 8:27:33
1991 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim 7:44:07
1990 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim 7:57:53
1985 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim 8:36:20

Triathlon Career

He completed the Hawaiian Ironman World Championship on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1981 in 14 hours 28 minutes.

Triple Crown of Endurance Sports

Tout is the only human in history to have complete the Triple Crown of Endurance Sports with a successful Hawaiian Ironman in 1981, successful Boston Marathon in 3 hours 30 minutes in 1982 with a qualifying time of 2:48, and a successful crossing of the English Channel in 1987 on his fourth attempt in 10 hours 33 minutes. He attempted the English Channel in 1981, 1983, 1984, and 1986 (but didn’t get off the beach), and made it in 1987 when he increased his weight from 148 pounds on a 6’1” frame to a 187-pound Channel swimmer.

2015 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year Nominee

Tout is nominated for the 2015 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year by the World Open Water Swimming Association along with the following nominees:

1. Antonio Argüelles (Mexico) Channel Swimmer Redux
2. Attila Mányoki (Hungary) Prolific Ocean Swimmer
3. Ben Hooper (Great Britain) Transoceanic Challenger
4. Benoît Lecomte (France/U.S.A.) Transoceanic Adventurer
5. Christof Wandratsch (Germany) Ice Swimming Record Holder
6. Evgenij Pop Acev (Macedonia) FINA Grand Prix Champion
7. Ingemar Patiño Macarine (Philippines) Pinoy Aquaman
8. James Tout (U.S.A.) Long-overdue Triple Crowner
9. Lewis Pugh, OIG (Great Britain) Ocean Advocate
10. Rohans More (India) Oceans Seven Adventurer
11. Rostislav Vítek (Czech Republic) Ice Swimmer Extraordinaire
12. Simone Ruffini (Italy) Olympian & World Champion

2015 WOWSA Award Nomination

James Tout (U.S.A.) Long-overdue Triple Crowner
James Tout became the second oldest person to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, but the 62-year-old from Austin, Texas did it in dramatic fashion over a 4-day period where he completed his 10th lifetime circumnavigation, a 28.5-mile swim around Manhattan Island in New York performed only three days after completing his 20.2-mile Catalina Channel crossing in 11 hours 18 minutes in California. Most incredibly, his latest Manhattan Island Marathon Swim was his lifetime best in 7 hours 31 minutes, beating his previously best time set in 1991 as a 34-year-old. For battling back from heart disease, for achieving his goal of 2 marathon swims in 4 days, and for swimming the fastest he has even swum around Manhattan Island after nearly 3 decades, James Tout is a worthy nominee for the 2015 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year.

2016 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim

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