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infinity Channel Swimming's ship's wheel given to Jacqueline McClelland and created by Brian Muckian
Jacqueline McClelland, certified WOWSA open water swimming coach
Jacqueline Mc Clellend and Milo Mc Court, award-winning triathletes from Ireland
Eleven Feet athletes, photographed by Paul McCambridge before their crossing of the North Channel: David Burke, Jacqueline Mcclelland, Alison Caldwell, Adrian Poucher, Barry Patterson, and John McElroy
Jacqueline Mcclelland is an ice swimmer shown at the Russian Ice Swimming Championships in Murmansk in 2015
Triskelion open water swimmers Olive Conroy (Ireland), Conor Turner (Ireland), Elina Makïnen (Finland), Anna-Carin Nordin (Sweden), Rory Fitzgerald (Ireland), and Carole Laporte (France), escort pilots Pádraig Mallon of Infinity Channel Swimming and Piloting Services on AMac and Nicky Donnelly on Melody Bay, and support crew Milo McCourt and Jacqueline McClelland that crossed 69.7 km across the Irish Sea between the Isle of Man and Ardglass, Northern Ireland on 17-18 June 2017 in 18 hours 8 minutes and 32 seconds

Jacqueline Mcclelland is an Irish open water swimmer, an International Ice Swimming Association official, triathlete, endurance athlete, coach at Infinity Swim Academy, and a member of the Camlough Lake Water Festival team and the International Ice Swimming Association Ireland.

Endurance and Extreme Sports Career

H2O Play Swim Series

Mcclelland helps organise the H2O Play Swim Series in Northern Ireland.

HITtheWALL Ireland

by Infinity Channel Swimming


with Ned Denison, Kevin Murphy, Narelle Simpson, and Jacqueline Mcclelland

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