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Isefjorden Crossing or Kryds Isefjorden is a 6 km open water swim in Denmark, co-organized by Peter Schultz. At the inaugural race on 7 August 2016, 115 people finished the tough 6 km challenge across one of the fjords of Denmark where strong currents, waves and turbulent water had to be overcome.


It is part of the Rørvig Åbentvandsfestival (Rørvig Open Water Festival) that offers three courses:

  • 6 km Kryds Isefjorden that is touted as Denmark's most extreme swimming competition
  • 1.5 km in Rørvig Harbor.
  • 150m for 8-12 year olds, one of Denmark's open water swims exclusively targeted children.

2017 Race[edit]

2016 Race[edit]

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