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Ireland Ice Swimming

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Ireland Ice Swimming culminates in the Ireland Ice Kilometer and Ireland Ice Mile in Camlough Lake, Ireland

noun - Ireland Ice Swimming is a 4-month ice swimming acclimatization course led by Padraig Mallon, Ger Kennedy and Nuala Moore in Camlough Lake along the southern coast of Ireland. The purpose of Ireland Ice Swimming is to help prepare emerging ice swimmers for 1 km Ireland Ice Kilometer or 1-mile Ireland Ice Mile at Camlough Lake.



  • Session 1: 9 November 2014, 9 am St John’s Pier Carlingford Co. Louth
  • Session 2: 30 November 2014, 3 pm Venue TBA
  • Session 3: 24 December 2014, 2 pm St Johns Pier Carlingford, Co.Louth
  • Session 4: 1 January 2015, 12 noon Camlough Lake, Co. Armagh
  • Session 5: 18 January 2015, 9 am
  • Session 6: 7-8 February 2015, Ireland Ice Kilometer and Ireland Ice Mile Swims in Camlough Lake, Co.Louth (costs to cover safety aspects)


Ireland Ice Swimming Championships[edit]

Video by Pádraig Mallon at the 2015 Ireland Ice Swimming Championships, hosted by the Camlough Lake Water Festival at Wild Water Armagh (Conroy Pond) in Northern Ireland.

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