Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame

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noun - The Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame (MISHOF), formerly known as the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame is located at the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA and honors the best athletes, coaches, administrators and contributors of the international masters swimming community. The inaugural induction took place in January, 2003 at the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

Selection Procedure

Masters athletes must be competing for a minimum of 16 years, spanning four five-year age groups. The minimum age requirement for beginning consideration is 25 years of age (as established by FINA). Approximately nine inductees shall be selected annually. Representation shall be proportionate to each discipline's numbers of participants worldwide: 3 female swimmers, 3 male swimmers, 3 divers, synchronized swimmers, water polo players or contributors. A balloting process is used to finalize those selected for induction.

Point Ranking System

A point ranking system has been devised for the swimming discipline only:

Masters World Records – starting with the MSI list dated Nov 1983 to current: Each record – 10 points

Masters World Rankings - USA Long Course before 1986, MSI Long and Short Course 1986-1991, and FINA Long and Short Course 1992-present.
1st Place - 5 points
2nd Place - 3 points
3rd Place - 1 point

FINA Masters World Championships (1986 to current held every 2 years):
1st Place - 3 points
2nd Place - 2 points
3rd Place - 1 point

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is chaired by Walt Reid with June Krauser, Chairman Emeritus, and is comprised of 62 international authorities in the sport, receives and considers nominees.

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