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In Cold Water

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In Cold Water, a book about swimming the English Channel authored by Mike Humphreys

In Cold Water is a 294-page hardcover book by Mike Humphreys, an American who did not successfully cross the English Channel four times.

Mike Humphreys[edit]

Mike Humphreys is an American open water swimmer who splits his time between Seattle, Washington, and Atlanta, Georgia. A father of three and a Microsoft manager in Xbox gaming, Humphreys has been swimming, running and cycling enthusiastically for 35 of his 50 years. He is currently training for his fifth attempt at swimming the English Channel, scheduled for summer of 2015.

In Cold Water Synopsis[edit]

In Cold Water immerses the reader in the challenges, sights, sounds, triumphs and disappointments of swimming the English Channel--and one man's fixation on the feat. First conquered in 1875 by Matthew Webb, the choppy, 22-mile Channel presents one of the supreme endurance challenges in all of sports. With nothing but a basic swimsuit, pair of goggles, a swim cap, and a goal, swimmers leave Dover Harbor in England and battle their way through frigid waters, mercurial weather, jellyfish, and unrelenting ship traffic. They swim through sunrises and sunsets powered by sheer will and specially formulated energy feeds. And if physical and mental conditions go their way, they walk out of the water in France. Mike Humphreys has swum the swim several times--and though he's yet to achieve his goal, he's amassed a fascinating book full of personal experiences, history, stories of other Channel swimmers, and lore surrounding the sport. For sports active adherents, armchair swimmers and athletes of every stripe, or even just those fascinated by the challenge of English Channel swimming,

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