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Howard Burns

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Howard Burns
Howard Burns in Laguna Beach

Howard Burns is a real estate administrator and a pool and open water swimmer from Orange County, California. He swims for the Mission Viejo Nadadores and is a member of the Oak Streakers of Laguna Beach and a lifetime member of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association (SBCSA). Burns was the 2011 Southern Pacific Masters Swimming Open Water Swimming Series winner in the men's 55-59 age division and was a member of Team Jessie that crossed the Anacapa Channel in 7 hours 15 minutes on 14 October 2012.


Burns also penned the poem below:

It was bright, large and white
Glowing across the sea
Sparkling night ocean foamed
As the Oak Streakers roamed
Thru high tide and kelp grass
In suits, but what is that odd glow?
the water surface fluctuates from an odd flow
there is another odd situation
It comes from the Oak streaker nation
this light, it shines up not down
From few not one, each cracked, partly drowned
Tales from shore of what beachgoers viewed
Oak streakers don’t tell, Oak streakers mooned

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