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How to Edit Openwaterpedia Pages

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How to edit pages on Openwaterpeda

The following is a guide to editing tips and techniques to get the most out of Openwaterpedia's page editing options. Openwaterpedia is based on the PHP coding format of WordPress (wikipedia page). One of their many pages about editing in PHP pages is This one. If you want to start a page on a topic other than something related to open water swimming, you might consider going to the main WordPress website and creating your page from there. Remember that is sponsored by WOWSA, so we ARE international. Pages in English are common but are not required. See below for how to add a translation link to your pages.

PLEASE DO NOT POST SPAM OR EDIT ANYONE ELSE'S PAGES MALICIOUSLY. Do not submit copyrighted work without permission!

If there is an existing Openwaterpedia "how to" page managed by the Administrator, a link will be provided. If not, a description of the process is provided here. In some cases, a more clear statement of the process is provided.


First, use the search window at the top right of an Openwaterpedia page to search for the exact wording for the page title you'd like to create. If that text or phrase does not come up in the search, you should results like this:

There were no results matching the query. Create the page "Open Water Swim Event" on this wiki!

The text you entered will be highlighted as a link. Click on the link and you will be directed to a fresh Openwaterpedia page location named for the text string you searched for, so now you can enter your page's body text and code. Below are some templates if you are adding an event related page. If you are creating a page for something other than an event, use the search tools to find pages for people, places, etc. you like, and if the format of that page is to your liking, click the link to "view source" or "edit", copy the code to a text editor, then edit your information using that formatting.

A great way to get good formatting fast is to view the source of a page that you like the structure of and copy it, paste the code into your new page, and then edit the text and photos to match the content you want on your new page.


Add Photos[edit]

Photos make your page MUCH more interesting! My shortcut is to just add the photo code BEFORE uploading the file (e.g. [[File:FILENAME|400px|thumb|right|CAPTION TEXT]]. Since the file doesn't yet exist, the link to it will display in RED when you view the page indicating that the link is broken. Click the red picture link, and the upload page will come up. Then browse for the file, enter the prompted information, and upload. You'll then see the picture as it will be displayed, and at the bottom is a link to any pages that link to this picture which you can use to go back and click on the link for your next picture to upload. Another good to know trick is using <gallery></gallery> statements to surround photos you want horizontally in your page. The pictures can be added with the File:FILENAME.gif|

Uploading files except video[edit]

Learn how to upload files such as photos.

Adding Videos[edit]

You can add links on your Openwaterpedia page to videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo and several other free video-sharing platforms. You cannot upload your video directly to Openwaterpeda, only link to it.

Add External Links[edit]

To add an external URL link (something NOT on Openwaterpedia), you use single brackets surrounding the URL, a space, and the desired visible link text. You can see examples in the code for this page. An example above is: [ ADDING VIDEOS]

Add Links to Other Openwaterpedia Pages[edit]

To add a link to another page on Openwaterpedia, you use double brackets surrounding the exact name of the page you want to link to. This is not case sensitive. You can see examples in the code for this page. Wildcards such as "*" may be used. Supported protocols: http://, https://, ftp://, irc://, gopher://, telnet://, nntp://, worldwind://, mailto:, news:, svn://


Categories help Openwaterpedia to index your page with pages on a similar functional topic. You add the category to your page by using this coding format toward the bottom of your page's source code, "[[Category:People]]". Categories recognized by Openwaterpedia include: Events, People, Products, Services, Places, Terms, Groups/Sites, Coaches, Officials, Administrators, Observers, Pilots, and Guides.


There are three Event templates setup to provide you with a common look and feel for the basic format for a page related to an open water event, i.e. a [Race Event], a [Swim Event], or an [Open Water Event]. Each of these links will open to the protected source code for the template. Copy the template code to the event page you are creating, and edit it to reflect your event's information. You can also learn about how to add your event to the Open Water Swimming Race Calendar.

There is also a template for entering a "Record" i.e. the first at something, the fastest, etc. [Template for Entering a New Record]


Text Formatting[edit]

The easy way is to enter your text, and then look at those cute little buttons up at the top of the editing window. If you don't get their meaning visually, hover your mouse over them and they tell you. Click on one, and it will enter the basic code for the formatting style you want. Paste the text into the code block and voila!

  • Bold text is surrounded by three apostrophes
  • Italic text is surrounded by two apostrophes
  • Bold Italic text is surrounded by five apostrophes (only works correctly within a single line)

  • ==Headline Section text is enclosed in double equal signs==

These are included in an automatic "index" for your page, right before the first Headline item (max 10 in index). Four or more headings cause a table of contents to be generated automatically.

  • ===Headline Subsection text is is enclosed in triple equal signs===
  • ====Headline Sub-Subsection text is is enclosed in quadruple equal signs====

  • <math>Insert formula here</math>
  • <nowiki>The nowiki command blocks formatting from happening</nowiki>
  • --~~~~ Signature blocks are automatically inserted after two hyphens and four tildes (example at the bottom of this page)
  • ---- Horizontal lines will replace a row of hyphens

Small print in a box is created using a leading space on the line!

Tips and Status Tracking[edit]

  • Carriage Returns can be forced in the text with <br/>.

SPECIAL PAGES Special pages on Openwaterpedia include links for Openwaterpedia Maintenance reports, statistics, indexes, etc. My favorite is the New Pages link so I can see the latest information.

Review your account preferences Use this link to see how active your account has been in contributing, change your password, etc.

NICKNAMES Many open water swimmers have been given nicknames they are commonly known by. You can see some examples here. If you have one, you can mention it on your personal page.

Openwaterpedia Popular Pages See how popular your page is! At the bottom of your page is a counter that will tell you how many times your page has been accessed.

See a list of frequent contributors to Openwaterpedia

Page Redirection There are times when you want to have a page available that may have a different spelling, a different description or a different name, but will automatically redirect that page to a primary Openwaterpedia page. This can include a page referencing someone as a "Half Century Club Member", "Straight of Gibraltar Swimmer", "Hall of Fame Swimmer", or similar achievement, but linking back to a single primary Openwaterpedia page for that person. The code to perform an immediate, dynamic redirect is, "#redirect[[NAME OF PRIMARY PAGE ON OPENWATERPEDIA]]". This should be the only code listed on the redirection page and does not include the quotation marks.

Add References / Footnotes[edit]

Using <ref>URL for Reverence</ref><nowiki> allows adding of reference footnotes. These can be displayed at the bottom of your page using these lines<nowiki> ==Reference {{reflist|colwidth=30em}}

Advanced Wiki markup tips[edit]

Add Translation Links[edit]

While Wordpress does not have an automated translator function, there are sites that do, including Google Translate If you want links in your page that will automatically translate to another language, create and save your page, copy the URL of your page, open Google Translate, and enter the link following their instructions to choose the target language. Google Translate is even pretty good at guessing your source language. When you've opened the automatically translated version of your Openwaterpedia page, copy the URL for the translated version. Now go back to your Openwaterpedia page, edit it again, and add an external link link for your target language translation. For style points, you can even translate the name of the language and use that as the visible link text like this:

[ Español] will provide a link to a version of the page in Spanish,

[ 日本語] will provide a link to a version of the page in Japanese,

[ Français] will provide a link to a version of the page in French,

[ العربية] will provide a link to a version of the page in Arabicة,

[ Deutsche] will provide a link to a version of the page in German!

[ Русский] will provide a link to a version of the page in Russian.

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