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Hong Kong to Macau Swim

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Simon Holliday swimming across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong to Macau together with Chinese white dolphins on 24 May 2014 during the 35 km Clean Cross Swim. Photo by Jeffrey Lim.

The Hong Kong to Macau Swim is a 35 km swim from Hong Kong to Macau across the Pearl River estuary. It is one of the World's Top 100 River Swims.

Simon Holliday[edit]

Simon Holliday completed the Swim for Clarity in 10 hours 20 minutes 30 seconds and broke the record of Zhang Jian. His escort pilot was Robert Highfield and his escort paddler was Shu Pu.

Zhang Jian[edit]

Zhang Jian completed the first 35 km crossing of the Ling-Ding Sea (Pearl River estuary) from Hong Kong to Macau in 2005 in 10 hours 43 minutes

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