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Hitting the Wall

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Hitting the Wall poster by Matthew Warburton about Wayne Soutter's unprecedented swim across the Dál Riata Channel Swim

Hitting the Wall is a play created by Matthew Warburton based on the Dál Riata Channel Swim of Wayne Soutter in 2012 based on the records of Wayne Soutter and Paul Greenhalgh.

Hitting The Wall[edit]

Hitting The Wall Synopsis[edit]

This is a true story. In 2012, Wayne Soutter, a middle-aged father of two, attempted to swim the as-yet unconquered sea-channel between the Mull-of-Kintyre and Ireland. Cold seas. Strong winds. Treacherous tides and 50-foot jellyfish. What could possibly go right? Hitting the Wall is a theatrical recreation of that extraordinary endeavour. The route has been described as the most dangerous endurance swim in British waters, and had never been successfully completed. Wayne, previously one of the slowest people to swim the English channel, decided he would be the first person to conquer it.

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