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Heloise Leblanc

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Heloise Leblanc is an American pool and open water swimmer from Canyon Crest Academy, California. She was born in Quebec City, Canada and moved to San Diego in 2007. Her father is a Veterinarian and her mother is a Neuro-Ophthalmologist. Heloise comes from a family of swimmers. Her father was a long distance swimmer while her Uncle was an international level swimmer who won over 30 national titles in France and went to the Olympic Games in1988. Her aunt was also a college swimmer for ASU and is a national age group triathlon champion. Inspired by her family, Heloise started competitive swimming at 6 and specializes in long distance freestyle. A member of the Senior squad at NCA, she has Sectional and Western Zones time standards and is consistently ranked amongst the top long distance swimmer in her age group in San Diego Imperial.

A Sophomore in high school with a 4.1 GPA, she would like to attend Cornell University and eventually pursue a career as a Neurosurgeon. Heloise is also an accomplished pianist, participating in concerts and playing for charities in San Diego. She enjoys reading and photography and loves traveling throughout the world.

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Ocean Seven[edit]

Ocean Seven is a group of 7 American competitive swimmers from San Diego, California who crossed the Catalina Channel in 7 hours 51 minutes in September 2015 to benefit the charity Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. Its members include Mia Thomas, Erin Taggart, Tegan Preston, Lindsay Turner, Anna Brooker, and Mia Ryan.

Catalina Channel Crossing[edit]

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