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Gus Sundstrom

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Gus Sundstrom (born 1858 in Brooklyn, New York, died in 1936 at the age of 78) is an American swimming coach who was inducted in the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1995 as a Pioneer Coach and Contributor.

Beginning in 1885, Sundstrom was the first swim coach and teacher at New York Athletic Club. He promoted swimming and water polo and was the coach of several world record holders.

Swimming and Coaching Career[edit]

After competing and winning challenge races in the New York waters, Sundstrom's reputation as a swimmer and New York Athletic Club instructor grew so that by 1890 he was selected as supervisor of swimming for the New York City schools, where he personally taught over 100,000 children to swim over the years.

As a water polo coach, his New York Athletic Club teams won many U.S. National titles, as well as the 1904 Olympic Games gold medal. His leadership gave the sport notoriety and popularity, inspiring an average of 14,000 fans to attend the championships. It soon became known as "the roughest game on earth."

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