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Glennie is a descendent of a cryptozoological creature that Native Americans of the region referred to as Gtaskog that lives in Glen Lake, a lake located in Goffstown, New Hampshire. A U.S. Masters Swimming event pays homage to the legendary lake monster.


Over the years, there have been numerous reported sightings of Glennie. Legends of a large serpent swimming in the Piscataquog River date back to Native American tribes in the region. The Abenaki referred to the creature as "Gtaskog" (pronounced "gee-tah-skog" and meaning "great serpent" or "big serpent").

When the Gregg's Falls Dam was constructed in 1918 by the Manchester Traction, Light and Power Company, Glennie is said to have been trapped in Glen Lake. The serpent is described as a "10 to 12-foot creature, as thick as a beer keg, with four flippers, and a long neck." It has a snout like a dog and a "row of very sharp teeth, with eyes the color of peeled onions." When swimming, Glennie appears flap its flippers up and down like wings, and can also twist them in a corkscrewing motion.

Stories of large serpent-like creatures lurking in the lakes and rivers of the region are common to the folklore of most Algonquian tribes. Champ, of Lake Champlain, Memphre of Lake Memphremagog, Winni of Lake Winnipesauke, and Glennie are considered to be related species. Most swimming encounters with Glennie have occurred in the deep fog. Only rarely have there been injuries reported, and they are considered minor and accidental, with Glennie possibly mistaking a swimmer's toes or fingers for small edible fish.

The Board of Selectmen of the Town of Goffstown passed a resolution to protect Glennie “from any willful act resulting in death, injury or harassment.”

Open Water Swimming[edit]

Glen Lake Swim: The Search for Glennie in August 2018

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