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Greg Vanvolkenburg is an American open water swimmer from Pennsylvania. He swam competitively for Lafayette College.

Open Water Swimming Career

He completed a 24.3-mile (39.1 km) marathon swim across Lake Erie between Long Point, Ontario, Canada and Freeport Beach - North East Twp., Pennsylvania, USA on 31 July 2017 together with his brother Tom Vanvolkenburg under the auspices of the Lake Erie Open Water Swimming Association. Their record-setting 11 hour 15 minute 40 second crossing was a charity swim for the Arthritis Foundation. The duo swam across Lake Erie in Force 2-4 winds with waves that started at 1 foot, continued to build to 2-3 feet with a rogue wave of 4-5 feet on 31 July 2017, starting at 7:04 am and finishing 6:19.40 pm.

Course Details

  • Start: Lighthouse @ Long Point (N 42° 54.783, W 080°.04901’)
  • Finish: Freeport Beach (N 42° 14.508’ W 079°49.991’2)

Support Personnel

Rules & Conduct

  • Swim Category: Unassisted marathon swim.
  • Standard Equipment: traditional men’s brief, single latex cap, goggles,
  • Additional Equipment: None
  • Lubrication: Sunscreen/ Destin
  • Exceptions to Standard Rules: None
  • Feeding: Every Hour, 2 large 20 oz. water bottles : Infinite Nutrition orange flavor, After Mile 22 Flat coke and Tub of Vanilla Icing (sugar)
  • Tandem swim: The men swam together the entire time, sometimes rotating who was on left and who was on right , after some feedings
  • Photos at Lake Erie Marathon Swimming Facebook page
  • Sanctioned by Lake Erie Open Water Swimming Association

GPS Data

Log Observations SPOT GPS. SPOT tracker was lost at 1:30pm due to a kayak capsizing. All data was hand recorded from Start to Finish (scanned copies of original paperwork are available).

Weather Observations

  • Wind Speed: 5-8 kts (min) - Direction: W-SW Beaufort: 2-4
  • Water Temperature: 74°F (min) – 75°F (max)
  • Air Temperature: 64°F (min) - 80°F (max)
  • Swells: built up as the day progressed ½ -1 foot at start built up to 2-3 foot rollers with some rogue 4-5 foot swells in middle and end of swim time
  • Skies: Clear, hazy, hot, humid

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