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Graham Hawkes

From Openwaterpedia

Graham Hawkes is an inventor of submersibles. Hawkes is an internationally renowned ocean engineer and inventor who has been responsible for the design of a significant percentage of all manned (and more than 300 remote) underwater vehicles built for research or industry worldwide, including the Wasp and Mantis Atmospheric Diving Suits, the Deep Rover research submersibles – which were recently featured in the James Cameron 3-D Imax film, “Aliens of the Deep,” and the Deep Flight series of winged submersibles. Hawkes currently holds the world record for the deepest solo dive (3,000 feet), which he achieved while test piloting his Deep Rover submersible.

Hawkes has successfully founded and managed six high technology companies, including, most recently Precision Remotes, Inc., which manufactures remote (land-based) systems for the military. Precision Remotes’ products were recently hailed by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions of 2004; and Hawkes Ocean Technologies (HOT), which designs and builds the Deep Flight winged submersibles and other state of the art vehicles for deep ocean exploration. HOT’s current projects include: the next generation of the Deep Flight winged submersibles; and the Spider Optic Vehicle, a highly advanced, new genre of Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) being developed for NASA and other private clients.