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Glen S. Hummer

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Glen S. Hummer

Glen S. Hummer was an outstanding pool and open water swimming coach for over 40 years. He contributed passionately, professionally and mightily to the sport of open water swimming in the United States throughout his career through his coaching expertise and administrative efforts.

Coaching Success[edit]

  • His teams participated in almost every National YMCA Championship since the first one in 1934 with the only exceptions during World War II
  • He coached 11 men's National YMCA Swimming and Diving Championship teams
  • 89 of his YMCA swimmers received college scholarships
  • He won two national championships in 1947 and 1962
  • He coached two Olympians: Gary Dilley in 1964 (silver medalist) and Matt Vogel in 1976 (gold medalist)
  • He received the first National YMCA Coach of the Year Award
  • He was a national team coach on several international trips including Japan and the West Indies
  • He conducted the first age group open water swimming mile in the United States, established in 1957 and held in Huntington, Indiana in Lake Clare
  • He updated the AAU long distance rules that helped contribute interest in open water swimming
  • He was the National AAU Long Distance Swimming Committee chairman between 1968-1969 and was re-appointed in 1987-1976
  • His teams won the National AAU Team Championship 12 times
  • 35 of his swimmers were National AAU All Americans.
  • He is the namesake for the Glen S. Hummer Award given by USA Swimming to the individual making the greatest contribution to open water swimming
  • He is the namesake for the Glen S. Hummer Huntington Mile

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