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George Kauffmann

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George Kauffmann is an American open water swimmer who was the first person to attempt a double circumnavigation swim around Manhattan Island in New York City. Although his attempt was not successful in 1979, he helped usher in the era of double circumnavigation swims and triple circumnavigations.

Multi-circumnavigations around Manhattan Island[edit]

1979 double attempt - George Kauffmann of the USA
1980 double attempt - Tom Hetzel of the USA
1983 double success - Julie Ridge of the USA in over 21 hours
1984 double attempt - Ben Huggard of the USA [with his feet tied in a charity swim
1984 triple success - Stacy Chanin of the USA in 33 hours 30 minutes
2007 double success - Marcos Diaz of the Dominican Republic (wetsuit) in 22 hours 14 minutes
2007 double/triple success - Skip Storch of the USA in 20 hours 56 minutes (double) and 32 hours 52 minutes (triple)
2016 double success - Pieter Christian Jongeneel Anderica of Spain in 20 hours 15 minutes

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