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Gary Bencheghib

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Gary Bencheghib is a filmmaker and musician with a passion for the ocean and environmental sustainability. Born in France, he moved to Bali at a young age with his family. Witnessing the island's conversion from a verdant tropical paradise, to a congested playground for the world's economic elite, with trash overflowing to it's once picturesque beaches, he founded Make A Change Bali at 14-years old: a non-profit organizing aimed at educating the local community about the effects of plastic waste and the importance of sustainable waste management. He now resides in New York, and continues to run his activities via film and music to create the biggest impact. His latest project THE RECLAMATION is a 40-min documentary exploring Tolak Reklamasi, one of the biggest environmental movements in the history of Indonesia.

Ocean Ambassador[edit]

He serves as an Ocean Ambassador with Ocean Recovery Alliance.

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