Francesca Kennedy

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Francesca Kennedy is a writer, journalist and mother of a 7-year old who is representative of the fastest growing demographic group in the sport of open water swimming: women.

Mother To Swimmer

Francesca is presently homeschooling her child and has started him on a local swim team where he swims competitively. When he began, Kennedy also returned to the pool, after a hiatus of 30 years. She did swim on a team and on a synchronized team as a child.

She joined Ft Lauderdale Aquatics, U.S. Masters Swimming program in Delray Beach, Florida with the goal of participating in the St. Croix Coral Reef Swim.  Her transformation from a mother and home school teacher to an ocean swimmer was nothing short of remarkable, yet representative of millions of women around the world who are taking up the sport of open water swimming.  

Aquatic Transformation

In May, Kennedy could not swim 2 laps of a 25-meter pool. By October, she successfully trained to be able to swim 2 miles in the ocean, and did complete the St Croix Swim. She has since completed in several races in Florida and won first in her age and category in the St John Power Swim, in May.


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