Feeding stick

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Feeding poles used by coaches at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, standing on a feeding pontoon
Feeding stick shown by Steven Munatones

noun - A feeding stick (or a feeding pole) is a long slender mechanical implement with a cup or bottle holder at the end in which coaches can hand fuel (e.g., gel packs, food, chocolate) or hydration (e.g., water, Gatorade, tea) to their swimmers during a race or solo swims.

The implement is generally hand-made and includes a cup holder, extendable paint pole or golf ball retriever, and some kind of coupler with an optional GoPro camera. Some models can extend up to four meters in length and are portable for international travel.


The coach stood at the feeding pontoon with her feeding stick in order to hand the water bottle to her swimmer.


bef. 1000; ME stikke, OE sticca; akin to OHG stehho, ON stik stick


Feeding pole, rod, pole


Steven Munatones of the World Open Water Swimming Association explains how to build an effective but inexpensive feeding stick:

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