FINIS Surge Goggle

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FINIS Surge Goggle Yellow
FINIS Surge Goggle Silver
English Channel record holder Trent Grimsey wearing FINIS Surge Open Water Goggles

Designed For Open Water and Triathlon Training

The FINIS Surge Goggles are polarized goggles designed for open water swimmers and triathletes in mind, both for racing and training.

The FINIS Surge Goggles' polarized polycarbonate lens provides optimum clarity while reducing eye strain. 99% of vertical glare is removed and the lens includes both UVA and UVB protection along with an anti-fog treatment. The wide curved lens reduces distortion and enables optimal peripheral viewing. With the patented side-button clips you can adjust the strap tension instantly.

The Surge Goggle uses a one piece comfortable frame that is over molded for increased durability. The silicone split-strap provides extra comfort and security.

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