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FINIS Rapid Monofin

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FINIS Rapid Monofin

Make Swimming More Fun and Enjoyable[edit]

The FINIS Rapid Monofin is a recreational monofin designed for teenagers and adults. Using a large single-blade, swimmers will learn a proper undulation in the water and obtain a great core and leg workout. The Rapid's flexible blade makes swimming more enjoyable as users can swim at greater speeds and depths. A versatile monofin, the Rapid can be used in a pool, lake or ocean and comes with an adjustable heel straps that can be fitted to men's US shoe sizes 8 to 12 or women's 9-13. The Rapid also comes with quick release foot straps that provide added safety in the water. A great product for swimmers looking for fun or a healthy workout, the Rapid comes with a signature of approval from Olympic gold medalist, Pablo Morales.

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FINIS Rapid Monofin