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The FINIS Stream was nominated for the 2019 the WOWSA Awards in the World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year category
Swimmer using the Axis Buoy by FINIS
FINIS Snorkel
Neptune MP3 player using bone conduction technology by FINIS
John Mix, Bruckner Chase and Tammy Choy at the FINIS-sponsored Monterey Beach SportsFest in Monterey Bay, California


Description: The leading technical training equipment manufacturer in the aquatic world headquartered in northern California.

Products: Pool training gear

MissionTo motivate every person in the world to swim better, swim often, and train smarter.”

History Founded in 1993 in Northern California, FINIS was founded by John Mix and Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Pablo Morales. Understanding that improving one's technique is the secret to swimming faster and enjoying the sport more, the duo went on to introduce truly innovative tools to the swimming community. Many of these products are currently used by US and international Olympic teams, elite Triathletes, and fitness swimmers worldwide.

Innovative research and design is FINIS' highest priority. This dedication has resulted in truly innovative products such as: the Swimmer's Snorkel which is recognized as the paramount tool to improve a swimmer's technique, the SwiMP3 and Neptune that uses bone conduction technology to play music instead of using ear buds, and the Z2 Zoomers fins which demonstrate intimate knowledge of swimming musculature, hydrodynamics and engineering.

Company Name FINIS is a Latin word that signifies "the end" or "grand finale." It holds symbolic meaning to the company as it not only contains the word 'fin' (our first product), but the word FINIS also represents the true nature of why we, as swimmers, undergo such rigorous training schedules. We continue to strive and improve upon such an unnatural, but immensely rewarding sport.

FINIS is, and will always remain, whole heartedly committed to the discovery and development of innovative swimming products that enable athletes to meet that "end" or "grand finale" of a finish line that we as competitors and individuals set as a benchmark to become bigger and better than who we are today.

It has won two prestigious Red Dot design awards for its Agility Paddles and Neptune MP3 Player.

2019 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year Nomination

The FINIS Stream was nominated for the 2019 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year Award as follows:

Waterproof cassette players were around in the 1990's, waterproof MP3 players came to market in the 2000s. Through their swim laboratory in Silicon Valley, FINIS developed breakthrough underwater headphones using its patented bone conduction technology. Small speakers vibrate at their temples that create crystal clear sound underwater. While legacy products still use MP3 audio files, FINIS Stream allows swimmers to pair with their smartwatch and stream their favorite music, audio books or podcasts directly from Spotify, Apple Music or other preferred services. For utilization of FINIS' market-leading underwater bone conduction technology that easily connects with goggles to enhance the auditory experience for swimmers, for designing an innovative product that does not need ear buds while comfortably providing crystal clear sound in the water, and for enabling up to 5 hours of continuous music on a single charge, the FINIS Stream is a worthy nominee for the 2019 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

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FINIS Duo Underwater MP3 Player

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