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noun - The FINA Coaches Commission is a commission of FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation Amateur) whose membership are representative aquatic coaches from around the world. The Commission provides the FINA Bureau with recommendations and information in regular intervals. Since its creation in 2000, two Chairmen have been in charge of this Commission: Peter Daland (USA, 2000-2005) and Osvaldo Arsenio (ARG, since 2005). Alan Thompson (AUS) has been the Honorary Secretary since 2000.

Powers and Duties of the Coaches Committee

  • coordinate with the Development Committee to ensure FINA development program requirement are being fulfilled
  • participate in the Coaches Certification program for each discipline
  • bring the coach's experience and requirements to the respective Management Committee for each FINA-sanctioned event
  • to be connected with and present recommendations and proposals from coaches world-wide
  • advise on any proposals or amendments to the Technical Rules for each discipline

Past FINA Coaches Commission

1. Osvaldo Arsenio, Chairman
2. Johan Wallberg, Vice Chairman
3. David Urguart, Honorary Secretary
4. Luis Liberato Baptista, Member
5. Frank Busch, Member
6. Franco Giorgio Cagnotto, Member
7. Abou El Ella Abdel Fatah, Member
8. Juan Jane Giralt, Member
9. Pierre Lafontaine, Member
10. Elisabeth Price, Member
11. Jacco Verhaeren, Member
12. Shaozhen Zhong, Member
13. Paulo Frischknecht, FINA Bureau Liaison

Current FINA Coaches Committee

1. Graham Hill, Chairman (South Africa)
2. Dr. Kemény Dénes, Vice Chairman (Hungary)
3. Osvaldo Arsenio, Honorary Secretary (Argentina)
4. Mohammed Al Sheeb, Member (Qatar)
5. Fernando Jose Canales, Member (Puerto Rico)
6. Sheilagh Croxon, Member (Canada)
7. Anastasia Davydova, Member (Russia)
8. Zakaria Daw, Member (Egypt)
9. Aaron Dziver, Member (Canada)
10. Elvis Fatović, Member (Croatia)
11. Mayuko Fujiki, Member (Japan)
12. Drew Johansen, Member (USA)
13. Adam Krikorian, Member (USA)
14. Michel Larouche, Member (Canada)
15. Tammy McGregor, Member (USA)
16. Ron McKeon, Member (Australia)
17. Isaac Kyalo Musembi, Member (Kenya)
18. Justin Oliveira, Member (Canada)
19. Stephen Onyeacholam, Member (Nigeria)
20. Iván Petrov, Member (Hungary)
21. Petar Porobić, Member (Montenegro)
22. Pradeep Kumar Sreedharan, Member (India)
23. Natalia Tarasova, Member (Hungary)
24. Frédéric Pierre Vergnoux, Member (France)
25. Catherine Vogt, Member (USA)
26. Dustin Webster, Member (UK)
27. Wenjin Zhao, Member (China)
28. Vladimir Salnikov, Bureau Liaison (Russia)

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