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Neo Phaliron Bay

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Neo Phaliron Phalerum (Ancient Greek: Φάληρον, Phálēron; Modern Greek: Φάληρο, Fáliro) was a port of Ancient Athens. It was situated 5 km southwest of the Acropolis of Athens, on a bay of the Saronic Gulf. This bay is also referred to as Bay of Phalerum. The area of Phalerum is now occupied by the towns Palaio Faliro, Kallithea, Moschato and Neo Faliro, all of which part of the Athens agglomeration.

Phalerum was the major port of Athens before Themistocles had the three rocky natural harbours by the promontory of Piraeus developed as alternative, starting from 491 BC. It was said that Menestheus set sail with his fleet to Troy from Phalerum, and so did Theseus when he sailed to Crete after the death of Androgeus.

Locations of Olympic Swimming Events in the Open Water[edit]

In the modern Olympic Games, the swimming events were held in open bodies of water that included the following:

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