Eyal Schachner

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Eyal Schachner after finishing 2nd at 20 Bridges swim around Manhattan, 2018

Eyal Schachner is an Israeli open water swimmer from Giva'tayim.

Open Water Swimming Career

2022 Boston Light Swim Results

1st Nicolas Knap 3:26.01 with escort pilot Raoul Binette
2nd Miranda Wingfield 3:31.26 with escort pilot Drew Boujoulian
3rd Eyal Schachner 3:31.54 with escort pilot John Swirbalus
4th Bryce Croll 3:33.54 with escort pilot Stan Souza
5th Gillian G Salton 3:45.53 with escort pilot Dave May
6th Daniel Hahn 3:46.40 with escort pilot Mike O'Rourke
7th Steven Laduzinski 3:46.58 with escort pilot Dennis Amtower
8th Kyle Lomeli 3:47.51 with escort pilot Ronnie Mufano
9th Florian Gollnow 3:56.05 with escort pilot Jerome Murphy
10th Hilary Sullivan 4:09.10 with escort pilot Tom Hamilton
11th Jessica Ann Gerber 4:12.26 with escort pilot Wayne Frieden
12th Andrew Leone 4:15.19 with escort pilot Brendan White
13th Seth A Horowitz 4:23.50 with escort pilot Michael Shanahan
14th Jennifer (JB) Lanza 4:26.06 with escort pilot Nancy Monbouquette
15th Mary Stella 4:27.43 with escort pilot Van Christie
16th Kim Garbarino 4:42.40 with escort pilot Bob Gaff
DNF Adam Homoki with escort pilot John Gabrynowicz
DNF Michelle Marquez with escort pilot Tim White
DNF Michael J Lynch Jr. with escort pilot Lynch Family
DNF Jeff Rake with escort pilot Bob O'Neil

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WOWSA Awards

The Galilee Marathon Swimming Association by Guy Cohen and Eyal Schachner of Israel was nominated for the 2020 WOWSA Awards in the World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year category with the following nomination: The Galilee Marathon Swimming Association was on a roll. Co-founders Guy Cohen and Eyal Schachner researched and compiled several decades of historical data about widthwise and lengthwise crossings of the Sea of Galilee since 1944. They planned, prepared and promoted the longest and most difficult solo swimming course in Israel in order to meet a growing domestic and international interest. But then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and everything came grinding to a hall. But the Association got busy again after lockdowns and travel restrictions were lifted and were able to safely organize and officially ratify the marathon swims and relays for 34 swimmers. For their energy, wisdom, seriousness that Guy Cohen and Eyal Schachner bring to the sport of marathon swimming, for their meticulous planning and organization of swims in a safe manner during a pandemic in the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea, for their data-filled website and authoritative resources that they make available to the international community, the Galilee Marathon Swimming Association is a worthy nominee for the 2020 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

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