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Eva Fabian Getting Mentally Prepared
World 5K champion Eva Fabian
Eva Fabian Competing At The Highest Level
Eva racing against another world champion Poliana Okimoto

Eva Fabian (born 3 August 1993) is a 28-year-old American and Israeli pool and open water swimmer, originally from New Hampshire, USA who graduated from Yale University in Connecticut. Fabian is one of the world's elite open water swimmers from 1 mile to 25 kilometers. She ended her 4-year career at Yale University as the Career High Point Scorer.

Open Water Swimming Highlights




  • Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada, 1st in 10 km marathon swim on 11 July 2015









  • High School: Oak Meadow (home schooled) '12
  • Future Professional Aspirations: Possibly something medical
  • Parents: Jack is a professor and swim coach and Claire is a medical doctor. Jack was a college rugby player
  • Sibling: Older brother Max is also a swimmer
  • Swim Career: started as a 6 year old ... "I started swimming because my brother was in a higher swim lesson group than me and I liked their name better."
  • Pets: Two dogs, Sadie and Tibor ... "Tibor likes to swim in lakes too. He also likes to ride on kayaks and capsize them and fall out of the kayak!"
  • Hobbies Outside the Pool: Participating in sports like basketball and baseball, and playing the violin and piano
  • Ultimate Way to Relax: Sleeping, talking with friends, and open water swimming
  • Training Stats: Swims 15,000 - 20,000 yards a day, 6 days a week

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