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Ginevra Taddeucci (silver), Leonie Beck (gold), Angelica Andre (bronze) on the 10 km LEN European Championships podium in Ostia, Italy
Marc-Antoine Olivier (silver), Domenico Acerenza (gold), Logan Fontaine (bronze) on the 10 km podium at the 2022 LEN European Championships in Ostia, Italy

The LEN European Aquatics Championships (LEN: Ligue Européenne de Natation) or the European Aquatics Championships is the continental Aquatics championship for Europe organized by LEN—the governing body for aquatics in Europe. The Championships are currently held every two years (in even years); and since 1999, they have included 4 aquatics disciplines: swimming (long course/50m pool), diving, synchronized swimming and open water swimming. Prior to 1999, the championships also included water polo, which beginning in 1999 LEN split-off into a separate championships.

The Championships are generally held over a two-week period in mid-to-late Summer; however, in the most recent Summer Olympics years (2004, 2008 and 2012), the Championships were moved to the Spring to be moved away from the Olympics. The championships were inaugurated in 1926. The pool and open water swimming portion of these championships is considered one of the premier swimming competitions in the world. LEN also conducts an annual short-course (25m) swimming championship, which is a separate and different event (typically held in early December).

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