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Escape is a 328-page book by Sarah P. Condor-Fisher about her escape from her native land.

It is 1989. Nothing indicates any change in the communist regime. The changes that are to come are going to be swift and irreversible. Mark and Pete do not know that. Their minds have crossed the Rockies, and their desires are stronger than any totalitarian regime can bound. There is nothing can hold them back, now that they have made the plan and given up their position as members of the Olympic Team - abdicated on success, in order to gain their dreams, but also their very selves. To escape is the only way to survive, it seems...

Sara Condor

Sarah P. Condor-Fisher, Ph.D., LL.M. is an attorney at law, masters swimmer, Olympic swimmer, swimming coach, personal trainer and nutritional analyst from Cerritos, California who authored the book Swimming Workouts: for Master Swimmers as well as Escape. Dr. Condor-Fisher is a former professor of American Literature, author of several books on language and law, many volumes of poetry and half a dozen novels. She is also a practising California attorney, staunch defender of human rights and provides free services and legal advice to all non-profit organizations as well as refugees and political prisoners. Dr. Condor is also an expert witness in linguistics and interpretation of legal documents.

Dr. Condor-Fisher is a member of California Bar, Orange County Bar, Beverly Hills Bar, American Association for Justice, Linguistic Society of America, American Association of University Women, and a lifetime member of American Mensa and Mensa International and other professional organizations. She is also listed as a VIP member in Cambridge's Who is Who for her achievements in education.

Escape (swim)

An escape is an open water swim from a prison island or an island that has or had a prison located on it to a nearby mainland or other point of land. It can be a solo swim or a tandem swim.

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