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Erwan LeCorre

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Erwan Le Corre is the founder of MovNat, a synthesis of his long-term passion for real-world physical competency, his love of movement in nature, his extensive knowledge of Physical Education history, and his personal philosophy of life.


In April 2009, Erwan wss featured in Men’s Health USA in an inspiring article about himself and MovNat written by New-York Time best-seller author Christopher McDougall.

In January 2011, Outside magazine released another feature-length article about Erwan and MovNat. The magazine ranked “Paleo-fitness” #1 of their Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends of 2010, and MovNat as the leading force behind this movement.

Present and future[edit]

Erwan now lives in New Mexico, USA with his wife Jessika. He mostly instructs private groups, including US special forces, while also working on a MovNat certification, a book, and DVDs.

MovNat Introduction[edit]