Erin Heidenreich

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The Other Shore, a documentary film of Diana Nyad's quest to cross the Straits of Florida from Cuba to Florida

Erin Heidenreich is the Co-Executive Producer of The Other Shore. As one of the founders of Cinetic Media in 2001, she helped grow the company into the largest independent sales and financing outfit representing hundreds of successful and award winning and nominated films including SUPER SIZE ME, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS, SPELLBOUND, JESUS CAMP and NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. She began her career in marketing at Miramax Films. Heidenreich is a producer on several documentary and feature film projects in production. She is also directing a documentary about children currently suffering from exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. She is a Programmer for the BALINALE International Film Festival for her third year.

The Other Shore

The Other Shore is a film about Diana Nyad's attempt to swim across the Florida Strait between Cuba and Florida.

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