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Ericeira is a civil parish and seaside resort/fishing community on the western coast of Portugal, in the municipality of Mafra, about 35 kilometres northwest of the capital, Lisbon. The population in 2011 was 10,260, in an area of 12.05 km².

World's 15 Best Beach Towns

Men's Journal selected Ericeira as one of its World's 15 Best Beach Towns in 2017:

Just 30 minutes from Lisbon, Ericeira has a lively urban edge that's rare in old-world European beach towns. Tradition rules in this beautiful 12th-century fishing village, but the town also embraces a youthful crowd of professional surfers and laid-back Continental partyers.

Narrow cobblestone streets, whitewashed walls, and cobalt-blue trim surround locals flashing big smiles in front of family-owned outdoor cafes, pastelerías, and restaurants in the main plaza. The town's famous mid-19th-century philharmonic draws Lisbon socialites and fans from all over the country.

But for what makes this town unique, seek out Ericeira's beach parties, which are raw yet refined. Praia do Sul is full of tan Europeans bobbing their heads to house music; on Praia dos Pescadores, the local favorite, there's always a pickup soccer game. Grab at least one meal at the funky pizzeria on Ribeira d'Ilhas beach. It morphs into a dance club, and then spills out onto the beach around two in the morning, where the dancing continues until sunrise. And if you want to keep going after that, Lisbon is only a half hour away.

Getting There: Fly to Lisbon and drive 30 minutes north. Coxos Beach Lodge sits within the Natural Surf Reserve, a couple of minutes from town. [From $80;]

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