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Craig Lewin, founder of Endurance Swimming and creator of Headstrong

Endurance Swimming is a Massachusetts-based organization that offers year-long swimming programs and teaches pool, triathlon, and open water swimming with Greater Efficiency, Improved Efficiency, Better Stroke Mechanics, Faster Swim Times, Optimal Power in the Water, Comfort When Swimming in the Open Water, Better Sighting Skills, Comfort with Mass Starts and Pack Swimming, along with a Razor Sharp Swimming Pace.

It was founded by Craig Lewin.

Endurance Swimming offers 3 key training experiences...

1. Team Environment: Intense "Race-Like" experience with instruction from trained professionals at our facility at $150 per month or $20 Drop-in (single session).

2. Private Environment: Semi Private instruction from two to four athletes at the facility of your choice (custom pricing).

3. Online Coaching: Effective Training Regimes and Virtual Coaching from our Experienced Staff at $100 per month

Craig Lewin

Craig Lewin is a USA Swimming Coach and Level 2 USA Cycling Coach. A graduate of Boston College and the Varsity NCAA Division I Swim Team, Lewin is a nationally-ranked triathlete. His swimming expertise has helped him become a successful competitor in the sport of triathlon and now he wants to share his experience, knowledge and swimming techniques with you.

Endurance swimming

Endurance swimming is also a synonym for marathon swimming or long-distance swimming.

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