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Emma Alsop

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Emma Alsop is an open water swimmer from South Africa who won the women's division in the inaugural 5.3 km Atlantic Dash in Cape Town and the 10.5km Lighthouse to Big Bay Swim in South Africa. She finished second in the women's division of the 2015 Walker Bay Extreme Open Water Swim, a 2.5 km ocean swim from the New Harbour to the historic Old Harbour in the Walker Bay Nature Reserve, a nature reserve made up of five areas located on the coast between Hermanus and Cape Agulhas, in the Overberg region in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

2015 Race[edit]

Top 10 Results:
1 Julen Rojo-Roos 34:34
2 Jean Burger 34:39
3 Shannon Austin 34:41 (first woman)
4 Emma Alsop 35:07 (second woman)
5 Nick Mortley 35:40
6 Bryan Allot 35:48
7 Tamsin Labuschagne 36:30 (third woman)
8 Ryan Stramrood 37:34
9 Daniel Erasmus 37:37
10 Kieron Palframar 37:57 (fourth woman)

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