Eleuthera & Harbour Island

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Eleuthera & Harbor Island, Bahamas
Dave Barra completed a 22-mile marathon swim in Eleuthera

Eleuthera & Harbor Island is a beautiful island in the Bahamas, east of Florida in the Caribbean Sea, with numerous open water swimming and diving locations. The water is warm and crystal clear shades of blues and sea greens.

Marathon Swimming

David Barra completed a 22-mile marathon swim on 28 March 2013 in Eleuthera from Lighthouse Beach to Sunrise Beach in 13 hours 41 minutes escorted by Clare Kelly-Barra, Scott Aland, Rachel Shapiro, and Jai Leal as escort kayakers.

Chloë McCardel will attempt a 128 km (79.5-mile) swim from the souther tip of Eleuthera to the island of Nassau.

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