Eight Views of Omi

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The Eight Views of Omi (近江八景 or Omi Hakkei) are the most scenic views of Omi Province, the present-day Shiga Prefecture, Japan where Lake Biwa is location. They were inspired by the Eight Views of Xiaoxiang in China. There are their ukiyo-e pictures drawn by Hiroshige.

They are sometimes erroneously called "Eight Views of Lake Biwa", but the latter were defined to include different locations in 1949 by the Shiga Prefecture government.

  • The autumn moon at Ishiyama (石山の秋月) - Ishiyama Temple
  • The evening glow at Seta (勢多(瀬田)の夕照) - The Chinese Bridge at Seta
  • The distant view of Awazu (粟津の晴嵐) - Awazuhara
  • The returning sailing ship at Yabase (矢橋の帰帆) - Yabase
  • The evening gong at Mii (三井晩鐘) - Mii-dera
  • The evening rain at Karasaki (唐崎の夜雨) - Karasaki Shrine
  • The wild geese returning home at Katata (堅田の落雁) - Ukimido
  • The spring snow at Hira (比良の暮雪) - Hira Mountains

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