Eco Swim by Aqua Green

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Eco swim by Aqua Green
Eco swim by Aqua Green

Eco Swim by Aqua Green is a swimsuit manufacturer where sustainability meets cutting-edge design. Its swimwear are made from sustainable materials as its employees participate in beach and waterway clean-ups that remove tons of trash from the oceans. Eco Swim by Aqua Green is a company that aims to create great swimwear while building a better world.

It is a fourth-generation family-owned business based in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania that leads various ecological initiatives to reduce human's carbon footprint in the sand.

Some of these initiatives include simple changes such as a corporate ban on purchases of styrofoam, recycling of all paper, plastics, light bulbs, and color cartridges. More complicated efforts include asking its fabric supplies to use sustainable fabric.

Eco Swim Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide fashionable, excellent quality, and planet-friendly swimwear. We will achieve this by embracing sustainable technologies and methods, hence reducing our carbon footprint in the sand. Our vision is to be the most sustainable swimwear manufacturer on the planet. We’re not there yet, but with every sunrise we try harder.


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