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Randy Block memorial sculpture located at the entrance of the DeNunzio Pool at Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey
Statue of Poseidon
Animation of Poseidon
The Poseidon Awards winners at the 2013 International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in Cork, Ireland

noun - Poseidon or Posidon (Greek: Ποσειδῶν) is the ancient Greek god of the sea, with the power to cause earthquakes. Poseidon's Roman counterpart is Neptune, the god of the sea and of earthquakes; brother of Zeus, Hades, and Hera, generally depicted in art wielding a Trident.

Poseidon is one of the twelve Olympian deities of the pantheon in Greek mythology. His main domain is the ocean, called the God of the Sea. Additionally, he is referred to as "Earth-Shaker" due to his role in causing earthquakes, and has been called the "tamer of horses".


noun - Poseidon (film) refers to two Hollywood films: The Poseidon Adventure and Poseidon. The Poseidon Adventure is a 1972 American action-adventure disaster film, directed by Ronald Neame, produced by Irwin Allen, and based on Paul Gallico's novel of the same name. The film features an all-star cast, including five Academy Award winners: Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Jack Albertson, Shelley Winters, and Red Buttons. The cast also includes Carol Lynley, Stella Stevens, Roddy McDowall, Leslie Nielsen, and in an early screen role, Pamela Sue Martin. It won a Special Achievement Academy Award for Visual Effects and an Academy Award for Best Original Song (for "The Morning After"). Shelley Winters won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role. It also received a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama.

Poseidon is a 2006 disaster film produced and directed by Wolfgang Petersen. It is the third film adaptation of Paul Gallico's novel The Poseidon Adventure, and a loose remake of the 1972 film of the same name. It stars Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell and Richard Dreyfuss. It was produced and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Virtual Studios. The film had a simultaneous release in the IMAX format. It was released on 12 May 2006, and nominated at the 79th Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects. Poseidon grossed $181,674,817 at the worldwide box office on a budget of $160 million. When released on DVD, it amassed US$19,727,310 in sales, bringing its total gross to US$201,402,127.

The Poseidon Award

The Poseidon Award is an annual award given by the International Swimming Hall of Fame to recognize those individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty and elevated the world of open water swimming in a unique and lasting manner.

Poseidon Award Recipients

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