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The ENGADIN SWIMRUN is the first International Swimrun race outside of Sweden held on 11 July 2015. The total distance is 53,325 meters including an open water swimming distance of 5,875 meters, and a running distance of 47,450 meters over a total elevation gain of 1,450 meters.


The race is produced by the team behind ÖTILLÖ - the Swimrun World Championship to meet the very high demand for Swimrun races in Europe. ENGADIN SWIMRUN is hosted in the fantastic Engadin Valley in Switzerland and is an ÖTILLÖ qualifier and part of the ÖTILLÖ RACING SERIES.


The Engadin Valley is in the Swiss Alps with the well-known St Moritz in one end of the valley.



The teams of two will start at the top of the Engadin valley above the small community of Maloja. A short run will take them uphill to the first open water swim, which is the highest and the coldest. The following run will take the teams down through the village of Maloja before they reach the first open water swim of 850 meters in the lakes along the valley floor. The race then continues both along the valley floor and also up into the mountains with the highest altitude at 2,600 metres. There are a total of 8 open water swims of which the longest is 1,450 meters. The course will take the teams through the communities of Sils and St. Moritz to the finish line by the lake in beautiful Silvaplana.


The summer weather in the Engadin can vary as it is in the mountains. The lowest elevation of the race is 1,780 metres. The teams have to be ready for warm air temperatures and cold swims at the same time as it could be stormy and cold. This course is very tough and will test the metal in all the racers.

Swimrun Racing

Swimrun racing is in teams of two which have to be together at all times, both from a safety perspective and also because it is more fun!


ÖTILLÖ is the Swimrun World Championship, hosted in the Stockholm Archipelago on the first Monday of September each year. In 2012 CNN ranked ÖTILLÖ as one of the toughest 1-day races in the world.

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