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Duncan McCreadie

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The English Channel course of the Swinging Sixties that consisted of Ellery McGowan, Chris Pitman, Irene Keel, Duncan McCreadie, and Rob Hughes

Duncan McCreadie is a lifelong competitive swimmer from Maidenhead. He was a member of the Swinging Sixties channel swimming relay team successfully crossed the English Channel in 13 hours 59 minutes on 23 July 2012.


The team consisted of 65-year-old Ellery McGowan of Guildford and SLSC, Tooting Bec Lidos, 61-year-old Chris Pitman who trains in the Solent, 71-year-old Irene Keel from Brisbane, Australia, 66-year-old Duncan McCreadie, and 65-year-old Rob Hughes of SLSC, Tooting Bec Lido.

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