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The Duck Dash is part of the Bondi Splash N Dash, a charity run-swim-run biathlon event on Australia's most famous beach. Participants with fins start in front of the Bondi Pavilion and run to the transition point at North Bondi where they inflate their own inflatable duck and swim with their duck out around a buoy before coming back into shore. Participants finish with their fins and duck.


Run from the corner at South Bondi and finishing at North; swim from the North corner to a buoy near Ben Buckler Point, before making a right-hand turn towards the south. At a buoy off the Bondi Icebergs, they’ll take another right hand turn towards shore. From shore, they will run 1 km before crossing the line at North Bondi.

The Bondi Splash N Dash

The Bondi Splash N Dash is a charity run-swim-run biathlon event that includes a 1 km beach run + 1 km ocean swim + 1 km beach run on Bondi Beach, Australia's most famous beach where the top three places will split a prize purse of $4000. This event is the brainchild of local lifeguard and Bondi Rescue star Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid. The Bondi Splash N Dash raises funds for local youth charity WAYS (Waverly Action Youth Services), a local youth outreach centre.

Date & Location

21 November 2015, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia


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