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Dr. Keith Bell

Dr. Keith Bell is a 68-year-old American pool and open water swimmer, coach, author, and sports psychologist from Austin, Texas who has swum every day for over 27 years (10,000+ consecutive days). Dr. Bell has been the Sports psychologist for U.S., Canadian, Australian, Hong Kong, Fiji, Cayman Islands and New Zealand Olympic and National Teams. He is married to 3-time Olympic gold medalist Sandy Neilson-Bell.

American Swimming Association Founder

Dr. Bell is the world's first Swimming Psychologist and founder of the American Swimming Association. Dr. Bell is an internationally recognized expert on performance enhancement in swimming who has worked as a sports psychologist with over 400 teams and over 15,000 athletes worldwide.


  • He has authored 9 books and over 80 articles that have been translated into 4 languages including the most recent Winning Isn't Normal®.
  • He has been a featured speaker with Australian Coaches, Canadian Coaches, the Japanese Coaches Association, the British Swim Coaches Association as well as the American Swim Coaches Association.
  • He has also written for national swimming publications such as Swimmers, Swimmers Coach, SWIM SWIM, and Swim Texas Magazine.

Athletic Career

He has twice placed in the top ten at USS Long Distance National Championships, set 18 Masters World Records, 37 U.S. Masters Swimming National Records, has at least 75 U.S. Masters Swimming and Canadian National Championship titles.

What It Takes: The ABC's of Excelling

An excerpt by Dr. Keith Bell, "Excellence makes itself obsolete. It's always a little out of reach. You may brush it with your fingertips, but you can't quite grasp it; for when it is touched it moves ahead. Still, it looms before you: beckoning you, challenging you to come get it, luring you to live your life to the fullest."

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