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Dr. Jaroslav Novák is a medical doctor and researcher at the Charles University in Prague, an open water swimmer and open water swimming administrator and coach from the Czech Republic.

Swimming Career Highlights

  • He participated in 1984 USA Long Distance International Championships which was the first race across the Catalina Channel since the Wrigley Ocean Marathon in 1927.
  • He was a member of the first FINA and IOC-assigned International Open Water Swimming group that looked into the possibility of getting open water swimming into the Olympic Games.
  • He was a member of the initial FINA Open Water Commission with Berry Rickards (Australia), Monier Sabre, (Egypt), Roger Parsons (Great Britain), Dale Petranech (USA), with Gunnar Werner (Sweden) serving as the FINA Bureau Liaison.
  • He did over 60 research projects on hypothermia and other sports medicine areas applicable to open water swimming and extreme sports including Mathematical Modeling of Some Physiological Parameters as Response to Exercise (June 2020), Cardiac Mathematical Models for Exercise Testing on Treadmill Ergometer (September 2019), Cardiac Output Estimation for Marathon Runners and its Mathematical Model (June 2019), Models of Physiological Parameters for Runners and Cyclists (May 2019), Indirect Cardiac Output and Stroke Volume Assessment During Spiroergometric Examination (May 2019), Modeling of heart rate during exercise (May 2017), Relationship between cold water swimming and increased cardiac markers: A pilot study (January 2017), etc.

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