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Harry Huffaker is an Honour Swimmer in the Class of 2011 in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
Harry Huffaker on Sandy Beach on Oahu after swimming across the Molokai Channel in September 1967 in 13 hours 15 minutes with his paddlers
75-year-old Dr. Harry Huffaker preparing for a crossing of the Molokai Channel in Hawaii. Photo by Mike Lewis of Ola Vista Photography
Dr. Huffaker as a child

Dr. Harry Huffaker is an American open water swimmer from Idaho. The dentist who swam at the University of Michigan represents the very best of the open water swimming community who was recognized for his unprecedented adventures and world-class exploits in the channels of the Hawaiian Islands.

Open Water Swimming Career Highlights

3 Islands Swim

63 km 3 Islands Swim, a solo swim attempt between Maui, Lanai and Molokai in the state of Hawaii in 1989 by Harry Huffaker.

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